About Us

What we do:
We bring in neglected mini pigs, unwanted mini pigs and mini pigs that their owners can no longer care for. We take time to socialize, train and prepare them for forever homes, Sometimes it can take just a couple of weeks other times it can take months to make sure our fosters are ready to leave and become part of an adoptive family. We have a set number of foster spots open. This allows us to focus on the pigs in our home and make sure they are each getting the care, training, and attention they need.
We try to match the right families with the right mini pig hopefully creating an everlasting home for the foster pig.

Oinking Acres fully supports the efforts of the AMPA and The AMPRA and is an AMPRA approved foster home. Advocating and educating on the proper care of mini pigs and ethical fostering/rescue and breeding practices.

We offer full support after our foster pigs head to their new homes and make sure new owners are prepared and provided the education they need to have a healthy happy mini pig.

Registered with the state of Missouri as a not for profit entity.

Who we are:

Ed and Lolita Ramsey are a husband and wife team that in 2015 brought 5 acres to open a mini pig foster home located in MO. Ed is a trucker driver and supports his family and the foster home. Lolita stays at home raising their children and working with the foster pigs and the family pigs. She also spends much of her time online helping to educate and advocate for mini pigs.

Why we do this:
Not Soon after purchasing our first mini pig we were asked to help transport a pig in need. Then we went and helped bring another pig that was in desperate need of safe place back to his breeder. The more time we spent in the mini groups the more we realized we wanted to help and that we needed to do something. That is when we decided to find a place that we could open a foster home for mini pigs.

Meet Our Family Mini Pigs


Link was our first mini pig. He was purchased from an AMPA approved breeder. Charming mini pigs. He is 1/2 American mini pig and half Meishan. It was his eyes that we first fell in love with and of course his ears. He is completely spoiled and has an awesome personality. Very smart and loves to play with his hula hoop.

Zelda (also called Zelda Bug) was the second addition to our family she is also from Charming Mini pigs. From the moment I saw her picture I knew she was meant to be with us. She was Link’s Zelda. She was ever so tiny and stayed that way for the first 6 months until she had a major growth spurt and seem to double overnight. At a 2-year-old she is still our smallest mini pig. Zelda is spunky and bossy and loves to make the bigger mini pigs listen to her. She is Link’s best friend and they have an awesome bond.


Moosh is Link’s litter mate. She was on her way to Canada when her to be new owners changed their minds. We are so happy they did because I can’t imagine our life without Moosh in it, She funny and sweet and has such a loving personality, She really enjoys being outside and playing in the mud holes.

Peanut Bubba came to us the same time as Moosh, He is 4 years and completely adorable. He had some major issues to overcome when we first brought him home. He was afraid of hands and had a lack of trust. We believe his previous home may not have cared for him properly and this caused him to have some behavioral problems. In the 2 years that we have had him, he has come so far. We can pet him without worry about getting snapped at, He loves spending time with people and really enjoys it when we have visitors. Peanut Bubba almost always has a smile and there is no way you can stay feeling down or blue when you look at that face.

Our first full-blooded meishan, Indy was living in a town not zoned for mini pigs, Before he could come home, He had to stay in a foster home for 60 days while recovering from his neuter, The safety of our rescue pigs is always our first priority, Waiting for Indy was hard as we just wanted to get him here and start bonding with him. He is full of life and so playful.

and his brother Tigger came to live with us once they had recovered from their neuters. These boys had a rough start as the home they were living in was the site of a murder, Our fellow rescuers Kansas city pig rescue network- kcprn, Took Eeyore and Tigger in and had them neutered and held them for the 60 days until they were ready to come home.


Rest In PeaceĀ