Wall Of Thanks


List is being updated! Please bear with us

A huge Thank you to all those who have donated and supported the pigs here at Oinking Acres.

Sponsorship Program

Paula, Sponsorship for Noodles and Odie

Susan, Sponsorship for  Maggie

Kimberly  Sponsorship for Bella and Ella

Caring Hearts Sponsorship for Parker and Marla

Benny Sponsored Winston

Kelly,  Sponsored  Bella

Wayne, Sponsored  Piper

Tandy, Sponsored Hope

Shanda Sponsored Mila

Once Upon A Piggy, Sponsored Honey

Jamie, Sponsored Dobby

Stacey Sponsored Romeo

Stacey Sponsored Nelly

Stacey Sponsored Gypsy

Paula Sponsored Noodles and Odie

Jennifer Sponsored Wally

Lori  Sponsored Hope




General funds Donors,


montana minis

AMPRA -American Mini Pig Rescue



piggys in need game


Stephanie Matlock

snout art

Laura Gerry

Miss Piggy’s Beautiful Bling



Blanket Heroes,


Walter the pig and Rachel


Spay and Neuter Assistance



The Giving Pig group

Amazon gift cards

Boxes of treats

Adoption Bundles.

Team Sharp

Montana minis



To all those who have donated to make our auctions and raffles such a success.